October 2, 2020

8 Key Takeaways to Ensure Your Strategic Planning Success

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with Penn State University around their key successes to strategic planning.

LeapPoint’s leadership and our clients, Kate Tornatore, Director of Strategic Execution and CRM Project Management and Jennifer Krempa, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Administration at Penn State University, shared insights on how organizations can leverage Workfront’s new functionality to:

  • Define strategic objectives and KPIs and how to cascade that vision across your company
  • Plan and prioritize work associated with objectives
  • Connect strategy to work execution and confidently deliver results that align with the organization’s goals
  • Understand how to compare different scenarios and their impact on your roadmap

We discussed their organizational challenge of aligning across all business functions — making improvements in overall student success.

“Strategic planning is not an isolated thing,” said Jennifer Krempa of Penn State University. “It’s really not about strategic planning, it’s about strategic working, and at any point in time, all of these activities will be happening; planning, doing and evaluating.”

In short, this workshop covered the eight key takeaways for strategic planning and execution success:

  1. Define success upfront – it all comes back to this!
  2. Don’t plan around an organizational structure; plan around what you are trying to accomplish.
  3. Planning and executing are not separate.
  4. Differentiating data based on purposes—understand what’s for exploration and what’s for evaluation.
  5. Build and mature processes and skillsets as you go.
  6. Communicate across the entire process; help people see themselves in what you are building.
  7. Progress, not perfection! It won’t happen overnight.
  8. Stop to acknowledge your wins – learn and adjust from your mistakes.

Watch the full session here.

Where and how can you get started? An excellent place to start is with one of the eight key takeaways from Penn State University. Need help? Our team will work with you to begin your customer success story.

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