A Connected Work ecosystem begins with products designed to help your people work efficiently and effectively. Our programs connect workers to the training they need to work confidently, the data they need to inform decision-making, and the systems they need to work smoothly.

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A custom solution that enables you to intelligently integrate data, processes, and events that span across your entire technology stack. You can sync information between systems; create custom workflow events and triggers; or aggregate all your data for robust analysis, reporting, and sharing. DataConnect is the premier platform for giving your shared service the presence and customer experience of a client-facing organization.

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LeapPoint One

As a virtual storefront, LeapPoint One allows you to tie multiple request-based systems together into one elegant experience. Customers can submit a request that initiates a project in Workfront and a new account in Salesforce; launch a joint project in JIRA and Workfront simultaneously; or even request work that’s going to be managed from two separate instances of the same platform—the possibilities are endless.

Cloud Add-Ons

Your business has its own set of unique challenges. Our versatile catalog of cloud add-ons individualizes solutions depending on what you need to do: Connect systems. Share data. Eliminate inconsistencies. Gain insight. Create a competitive advantage. Build the answers you need with a toolkit designed to let you keep moving forward.

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