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The speed at which technology is changing and being brought to market has grown exponentially. The competition is fierce—and marketers in the high-tech industry are being asked to support extraordinary growth targets for revenue in short time frames. That means they can’t be constantly hitting “refresh” to get campaigns and content to market. Things simply need to work.

LeapPoint’s framework for Connected Work® helps marketing teams drive demand, keep pace, and build long-term customer loyalty by orchestrating people, processes, and technology across the entire marketing lifecycle.

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Drive higher revenue with integrated strategies

  • Establish a single source of truth for all marketing work to drive greater efficiency and transparency
  • Drive collaboration and streamline execution across corporate marketing, field marketing, product marketing, and more by integrating best-in-class technology from Adobe
  • Reduce employee turnover and unleash creativity by providing an environment where your marketing team can grow and thrive

LeapPoint Connected Work for Technology Companies

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Though today’s marketing technology can be impressive, it’s nothing without the marketers behind the scenes using it. Connected Work underscores the value in working together with both tools and people, to unlock top-tier outcomes. With this approach, any task can be tackled, and a truly exceptional customer experience can be delivered with confidence.

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80% of marketing leaders plan to improve and streamline internal operations for better efficiency.


Tap into the collective expertise of your peers
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