Governator for Adobe Workfront

Insufficient data may lead to ineffective decision-making. LeapPoint Governator delivers the enhanced visibility Workfront administrators need to take smart action.

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The LeapPoint Governator is a data governance tool purpose-built for Adobe Workfront. In seconds, users can quickly identify all areas where a custom field is used across Workfront instances.

By visualizing all the associated objects – including projects, tasks, reports, documents, and more – in one place, administrators can make more informed recommendations and eliminate the risks of making widespread changes.

Workfront Administrators can easily:

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Perform complex and custom data audits

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Assess a custom field’s impact throughout Workfront

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Quickly find objects that have a specific custom field value

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Evaluate the risk of removing custom data from Workfront

Weed out the bad data

Quickly and confidently find, organize, and secure relevant data with Governator’s in-depth search features.

  • Search all supported objects within Workfront to identify where the custom field is used and has a value.
  • Search all supported objects for a particular custom field and value.
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Dashboard showing easy to read reporting

See your impact in real-time

Don’t second-guess your findings with comprehensive and easy-to-read reporting.

  • Display the object query results in an easy-to-read table.
  • Display the object hyperlink (for easy navigation to the object) within the query results table.
  • Display the object’s custom field value within the query results table.
  • Provide an Impact Analysis summary for the custom field.


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