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Through a versatile catalog of proprietary iPaaS integrations and connected solutions from our partner ecosystem, LeapPoint can help your team work smarter, not harder.

Share data. Eliminate inconsistencies. Gain insight. Build a competitive advantage. Are you ready to enhance your business and pave the way for progress?


LeapPoint and its partners can help you skyrocket productivity by connecting the various systems across your MarTech stack to streamline the flow of content, assets, and data.

Adobe Workfront + Adobe Creative Cloud + Adobe Experience Manager

Ignite your content supply chain with automations across the Adobe ecosystem. Allow creatives to stay focused in Adobe Creative Cloud. Fully track and manage projects from Adobe Workfront. Store final assets in Adobe Experience Manager Assets with a simple click of a button. Say hello to greater efficiency and seamless workflows! See how it works.

Adobe Workfront + Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Sites

Are content handoffs between teams and systems slowing you down? By integrating Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Sites, you can publish personalized content in hours instead of days. See how this winning combination works.

Adobe Workfront + Adobe Experience Manager + ON24

What if we told you that your webinar assets could flow directly into ON24, saving you significant time and effort? With an integration between Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager Assets and ON24 this dream can be a reality. Discover the flow.

Adobe Experience Manager + Skyword

Eliminate the time it takes to tag for content deployment by pushing content from Skyword to Adobe Experience Manager with an improved content structure.

Graphic diagram showing improved content structure


LeapPoint will work with your team to discover, document, and build automated workflows between Adobe Workfront and other major systems. With the integrations in place, you’ll enjoy less manual work, more productivity, and the ability to unlock your team’s creativity.

Adobe Workfront + Adobe Marketo Engage

Tired of requesting an email campaign in one place, storing assets in another, and then manually uploading content for distribution? With a custom integration between Adobe Workfront and Adobe Marketo Engage, creating emails becomes a breeze. Adobe Workfront tracks your progress and automatically triggers email curation in Marketo Engage. Watch the integration in action.

Adobe Workfront + Red Oak Compliance

Make Adobe Workfront and your compliance solutions work better together with connected workflows to give your team members what they want (and what auditors need) in the systems that work best for them.

Adobe Workfront + Adobe Acrobat + Adobe Sign

Quickly export Workfront information into a custom PDF and/or route for signatures as required.

Adobe Workfront + Egnyte

View, upload, and share Egnyte files directly in Workfront’s native interface, through the documents tab.

Adobe Workfront + Anaplan

Optimize the processes for planning, budgeting, and executing work, while simultaneously gaining greater visibility into overall campaign ROI.

Gray graph with a dollar bill, calendar and bar graph icons

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