LeapPoint’s Retail team brings years of experience to meet work management challenges for retail clients through a streamlined, cross-business strategy. Your industry is complex with logistics, inventory management, market conditions, and global marketing campaigns.


  • Strategy and roadmap development

    A solid strategy is the backbone of a successful organization. Let’s define your mission, set your objectives, and figure out how to get there—no matter how big or small “there” might be.
  • Organizational alignment

    The work performed within your organization needs to be aligned from top to bottom. Clear communication, increased visibility, and intentional up-skilling builds greater cohesion and buy-in, and allows your purpose to be pursued by all.
  • Strategic execution

    When an organization’s strategy is disconnected from daily work, time is wasted and results suffer. Let us help you define the processes, structures, and systems to take strategy off the shelf and transform it into concrete ways of working.
  • Budget formulation

    For your strategy to work, you need the ability to manage and pivot your investments in real-time. We can help evaluate, prepare, and manage your budget so that every dollar is moving you toward your goal.


Knowing why you exist is core to how you get work done. LeapPoint’s strategists help you define success and plot the course forward. We start with strategy so all members of your organization can unify behind a clear plan.


Create your roadmap for success.