Driving enterprise change

About LeapPoint

LeapPoint was founded in 2006 by industry experts who wanted to have more flexibility in the products and services provided to customers, as well as the agility to meet their most critical business needs. We provide transformational support to streamline, upgrade, and organize your process and help build you a strategic roadmap based on your vision that accomplishes your short and long-term goals.

We’ve become a national firm with global reach—employing staff from coast to coast and working with clients from all corners of the world. Our consultants bring fresh perspectives to every client, preferring a customized approach over a boilerplate consultancy model.

Each of our partners is a unique business with its own story, but our mission is fundamentally the same: To drive enterprise change within an organization.

If you want to take the initiative; if you’re ready for bold, productive progress; if you’re ready to stop waiting for a solution and create one; then you’re ready to take the leap with us.

What We Do

While our mission has always been to drive change, how we do that is constantly evolving. We’ve pulled together industry experts from every corner of the enterprise, including IT, finance, marketing, and HR, so they can provide cutting-edge advisory services to our clients. We supplement their knowledge with developers and stack pros that can help organizations wield the awesome power of technology alongside our expertise in change management.

LeapPoint is a cross-industry, enterprise-focused consulting firm with specific acumen in marketing, IT, and PMO. Our expertise stretches across all of your business’ service lanes:

Strategy & Finance

Uncover your purpose and create a roadmap for success with strategic consultants who provide a 30,000-foot view into your business.

Business Process

Ensure maximum efficiency and accelerate time to value by leveraging our global expertise to optimize your business practices.

People & Change

Equip your executives to manage change from the top down with industry-leading consultants who transform challenge into opportunity.


Implement solutions specific to your unique needs with experienced LeapPoint consultants and a proven methodology.

Integration & Development

Streamline your technology platform by partnering with a dedicated integrations team that specializes in 30+ integrations.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Empower informed decision-making with data analysts who convert raw data into actionable insights.


Managing Director, Strategic Solutions

Steve Cappellucci

Managing Director

Don McAdang


Megan Shipley

Director, Digital Learning

Erin Furrow

Managing Director of Global Delivery

Jennifer Krempa

DIRECTOR, Strategic Solutions

Gagan Soodan


Here’s what we’ve helped accomplish so far:

LeapPoint was named to Forbes list of America's Best Management Consulting firms. We're both honored and proud, but most importantly, we look forward to moving even higher in the rankings in next year's list.
LeapPoint is a Vault Consulting Top 50 firm as well as being named a top boutique consulting firm, top consulting firm for culture, and top consulting firm for diversity.
LeapPoint received the 2021 Partner of the Year award at Seismic's Digital Shift this year. We are honored to be among a global field of top Seismic partners for demonstrating strong collaboration to deliver innovative solutions to our shared client base.


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