About Us

LeapPoint was founded by industry experts who wanted more flexibility and the agility to meet clients’ most critical business needs. We provide transformational support to enterprise marketing teams, helping them streamline, upgrade, and organize processes and technology to achieve their short and long-term goals.


We’ve become a national firm with global reach — employing staff from coast to coast and working with clients from all corners of the world. Our consultants bring fresh perspectives to every client, preferring a customized approach over a boilerplate consultancy model. Each of our partners is a unique business with its own story, but our mission is fundamentally the same: To drive meaningful change within every enterprise we work with.

While our mission has always been to drive change, how we do that constantly evolves. We’ve pulled together industry experts from every enterprise corner, so that they can provide cutting-edge advisory services to our clients. We also apply the knowledge from developers and stack pros to help organizations wield the tremendous power of Adobe technology alongside our expertise in change management.



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