Integration & Development

LeapPoint builds custom integrations between Adobe products and other major systems using iPaaS solutions to help organizations reduce inefficiencies and improve productivity through automation. We also offer guidance around what you should (or shouldn’t) integrate and the key stakeholders that need to be involved to ensure long-term success.

Achieve Seamless Integration

Design Documentation

Before integration, LeapPoint consultants will help you gain a clear picture of your system’s design and responsibilities.


We can help you migrate data from one system to another or consolidate multiple instances of Adobe Workfront.


LeapPoint consultants can design and implement an enterprise integration across your entire stack of solutions to drive business outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.

Integration Roadmap

We’ll provide you with a clear roadmap for how and when to integrate additional technology to take your marketing organization to the next-level.

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Maximized Marketing Meets Bolder Budgeting

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Unify your marketing and budgeting efforts with an Adobe Workfront and Anaplan integration, optimizing your planning, spend, and workflow for more custom campaigns that convert. Our experienced consultants will give you a playbook to ensure your team can easily input plans and assign resources, collaborating in a seamless, data-driven experience where you raise your ROI and team’s spirits.

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Integrate workflows by connecting your platforms.

Tap into the collective expertise of your peers
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