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LeapPoint revolutionizes how companies connect with their customers, creating a personalized experience spanning multiple touchpoints. The power of Connected Work® grounded in cutting-edge Adobe technology bridges the gap between disconnected systems and empowers our clients to deliver smooth and consistent interactions. Trust our expertise to take your customer experiences to the next level and drive increased brand loyalty for years.

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Achieve your goals with integrated strategies

  • Enhanced collaboration across teams
  • Provide a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Improve visibility into performance
  • Automate traditionally manual tasks

LeapPoint Connected Work for Communication, Media & Travel

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Strategy and Process

LeapPoint helps communications,media and travel companies align strategies,processes, and technology for effective and efficient marketing operations. By getting it right from the beginning, we can help clients unleash the power of marketing campaigns that deliver brand value and meaningful customer experiences–at every step of the customer journey.

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Technology Integration

Driving real and measurable digital transformation requires re-evaluating how to integrate and automate technology to improve customer experiences, and drive cost efficiencies and better internal collaboration–all while delivering on the game changing promise of personalization at scale.

LeapPoint helps marketing teams uncover gaps in their existing MarTech stack, as well as implement the latest technology from Adobe and other partners to drive better campaigns and more revenue-generating opportunities.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Employees are a tier-one asset, the first line of defense and the glue that holds companies together. If they are unhappy, service will suffer.

LeapPoint helps marketing teams:

  • Ensure better collaboration for campaigns
  • Gain access to real-time data and analytics to deliver more personalized, omnichannel campaigns
  • Increase brand awareness, impact, and revenue

See how a global firm improved its processes from project intake to execution with LeapPoint and Adobe Workfront.

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43% of marketing executives point to a lack of visibility into the state of marketing projects as a key barrier to success”

Research Report: How Marketing Leaders are Prioritizing Connected Work in 2023

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