Strategy & Roadmapping

Implementing new technology without considering its impacts on your people and processes can lead to disaster. Our team acts as a trusted advisor, working with you to define success, clarify capabilities, understand processes, develop a data strategy, and make technology recommendations to help you transform the way you work.

Overcome Uncertainty. Align for Success.


With the number of SaaS solutions available in the market, it’s easy for enterprise marketing teams to end up with too much MarTech—often poorly implemented, overlapping, and causing a drain on resources. Enter strategic MarTech Assessments from LeapPoint. We’ll dive deep into your existing marketing technology stack, evaluating the maturity of your components, their integration points (or lack thereof), and how your existing processes and roles support the use of technology. Our assessments can be broad or specific to a certain marketing technology, catering to your unique needs.

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Many organizations struggle with uncertainty, competing priorities, and misaligned budgets; making it difficult to grasp a big picture roadmap to success. With Road Mapping services from LeapPoint, we’ll perform multiple assessments to help your teams align on priorities and pull together your most impactful considerations to ensure long-term success. We can help with tech stack valuation, UX design, change management, budget formulation, business intelligence feedback, and more. Let LeapPoint meet you where you are, understand your unique goals and challenges, and work with you to create the visualization of your success that your teams are excited to align to.

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Are chaotic processes, or a lack thereof, holding your organization back? Through a series of interactive workshops, LeapPoint can help you eliminate operational silos, reduce chaos, and stop scrambling to complete tasks. We’ll break down and document your existing processes and team’s roles and responsibilities. And from there, we’ll develop an optimized way of executing work across your organization with technology as our ally in driving greater efficiency.

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Implementing new technology isn’t just about upgrading systems—it’s about reimagining the way you work. But where do you begin? Through a series of interactive Success Workshops, we empower you to ask the critical questions: What should we start, keep, or stop doing? Together, we map these visions of success to precise requirements, ensuring a system that’s tailor-made for you. The goal? To ensure that the technology implemented is not just any technology, but YOUR technology—designed and implemented with your team’s needs at heart.

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Are you looking for a better way to transform your business data into actionable insights? LeapPoint’s reporting and business intelligence services provide comprehensive guidance on BI strategy, data warehousing, and support for building powerful BI reports, visualizations, and data feeds from Adobe Workfront. Quickly and easily drive your business operations forward with our services.

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LeapPoint’s strategists help you define success and plot the course forward. We start with strategy so all members of your organization can unify behind a clear plan.


Create your roadmap for success.

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