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For agencies, success relies on precision and a strong commitment to clients. Yet balancing creativity, workflow, and client satisfaction goes beyond using basic tools to drive operational excellence.

Connected Work, powered by Adobe, isn’t just a solution. It’s the framework that leads your agency to improved efficiency, profitability, and client engagement. While platforms like Monday and Asana are fine for task management, Connected Work goes further, providing a holistic approach to agency management.

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Why Agencies Like Yours Choose Adobe & Connected Work

  • Gain comprehensive, data-powered insights at all agency levels for smarter decision-making.
  • Streamline your agency’s client relationships from intake to approval.
  • Supercharge your agency with advanced capacity planning and resource optimization for maximum efficiency.
  • Enhance the experience for your in-house creatives by eliminating manual work and providing a fully integrated tool suite.

Connected Work For Agencies

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Achieve Operational Mastery

Break free from basic tools by improving your workflow and optimizing resources for peak efficiency with Adobe Workfront at the heart of your agency work orchestration. Then, integrate your toolset across the entire creative lifecycle to give your agency an unparalleled competitive advantage.

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Client-Centric Efficiency

Say goodbye to scattered requests and assets and welcome a holistic perspective on your client relationships. Adobe Workfront simplifies your workflows, enabling you to prioritize your customers’ requirements, centralize your operations, and improve your efficiency. It’s your tool for overcoming geographical barriers and consolidating profit and loss statements for increased profitability.

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Informed Decision-Making

Expand beyond task assignments and transform your current and future decision-making with in-depth insights into your clients’ investments in your agency and vice versa. Connected Work provides comprehensive data that guides you further along the data channel.

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Streamline Creative Execution

Effortlessly integrate your entire Adobe stack, from creative and work management tools, to streamline operations, enhance data-driven decisions, and strengthen client relationships. Achieve peak efficiency while harness deeper data insights with Connected Work.

Employee & Client Satisfaction and Productivity

Ensuring your team can collaborate and finish tasks is agency table stakes. With Connected Work, you can take a leap into operational efficiency.

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“80% of marketing leaders plan to improve and streamline internal operations for better efficiency.”

Research report: how marketing leaders are prioritizing connected work in 2023


Contact LeapPoint today to revolutionize your agency’s operations. Embrace a future where pain points turn into strengths, and where your agency achieves excellence with every client interaction.

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