February 29, 2024

LeapPoint Renews and Achieves New Content Supply Chain-Focused Specializations with Adobe

The company will demonstrate its expertise and commitment to Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager at the upcoming Adobe Summit

RESTON, Va., February 29, 2024 – LeapPoint, a leading digital advisory firm and Adobe Gold Solution Partner, proudly announced the renewal of its Specialization in Adobe Workfront and the attainment of a new Specialization in Adobe Experience Manager Sites in the Americas region. This dual achievement underscores the company’s continued dedication to mastering two critical components of Adobe’s content supply chain solution.

“The current landscape often sees marketers bogged down by the need to navigate multiple technologies or lose precious time with manual, repetitive tasks. This not only stifles creativity but also diverts focus from crafting compelling customer journeys,” said Nicholas DeBenedetto, CEO of LeapPoint. “Adobe’s content supply chain solution is transformative in its ability to bring together traditionally disparate systems and workflows and automate duplicative processes to empower marketers to spend more energy and resources on strategic, high-value work. Achieving these Specializations demonstrates LeapPoint’s continued commitment to guiding clients through this journey and ensuring they can harness the full potential of Adobe’s solutions to achieve remarkable results.”

In conjunction with this significant announcement, LeapPoint is also pleased to share details about the company’s participation in Adobe Summit taking place March 26 – 28 in Las Vegas, NV. Attendees are invited to visit the LeapPoint booth (#441), where the company will validate how they are helping clients across various industries bring their vision of a streamlined content supply chain to life. The booth will feature engaging videos highlighting the integral roles played by Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets, and Generative AI, alongside compelling case studies from some of LeapPoint’s major clients.

LeapPoint’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jen Krempa, and Chief Architect, Beth Anne Wilhelm, will also co-present during two insightful sessions:

  • Fannie Mae’s Journey to Optimization with Adobe Workfront (S720): Explores Fannie Mae’s purposeful approach to optimizing Workfront and the key areas they focused on to maximize value and increase productivity, including new request queues, detailed reporting, and integrations with SharePoint, Outlook, Cvent, and more.
  • Streamlining the Content Supply Chain: An Inside Look at Vanguard’s Journey (S318): Discover the steps Vanguard took to enhance collaboration with Workfront and how integrations across the Adobe Experience Cloud platform are driving greater efficiency, productivity, and higher returns.

LeapPoint’s continued Specialization achievements and involvement in one of the industry’s most anticipated events, Adobe Summit, reflect its ongoing mission to lead and innovate within the marketing technology solution and consulting space.

“Specialization in Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Sites represents a collective effort, a synergy of skills, dedication, and a shared vision of empowering our clients with cutting-edge solutions that drive real results,” said Gagan Soodan, Director of Partnerships and Pre-Sales at LeapPoint. “We can say with surety that LeapPoint’s multifaceted skill set across the Adobe Experience Cloud ensures that we can craft truly integrated, seamless experiences that elevate our clients’ strategies and help them achieve their ambitious goals.”

LeapPoint currently has 133 Adobe credentials, 79 certifications, 44 certified employees, and more than 400,000 combined delivery hours across Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager. With a focus on delivering unmatched expertise and results, LeapPoint is forging ahead in helping businesses transform their content supply chains for optimal efficiency and impact.

About LeapPoint

LeapPoint is a digital advisory firm focused on helping organizations connect their people, processes, and technology to improve orchestration across the entire marketing lifecycle. As an Adobe Gold Solution Partner, LeapPoint’s expertise spans the entire Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem. The company’s certified consultants have delivered more than 300,000 hours of Adobe-related implementations and integrations and actively support hundreds of enterprise-level clients and actively support hundreds of Fortune 1000 clients.

To learn more, visit www.leappoint.com.

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