October 3, 2022

Boosting Creative Productivity with Automated Workflows

The Challenge

No season is busier than the holiday season for retailers, and creative production teams are often working in overdrive to deliver creative assets for holiday promotions. However, in a recent holiday season one multinational retailer, due to work management inefficiencies, found their creative team couldn’t keep up. In fact, they could barely handle 20 projects at a time.

Using multiple systems to receive requests, manage projects, and review creative and in-house assets, made it difficult for the team to prioritize, simplify, or automate their workflows. Additionally, because every request was for a single asset (i.e., banner or email header) versus a more comprehensive project or campaign, the team was averaging over 100 requests on a given day.

The Approach

Looking for a more automated, integrated and simplified way to manage work, the retailer’s creative production team partnered with LeapPoint. Together, they developed a multi-year plan to integrate and expand Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager to create, manage and deliver content across the entire digital experience lifecycle.

The LeapPoint team used a phased approach and delivered consistent wins. Implementation received high praise—winning an 8 out of 10 score in a post-launch company survey. And, the organization continues to expand adoption and streamline current working methods through Adobe Fusion automations and a LeapPoint Connected Work philosophy, enabling a more seamless and collaborative work environment while also speeding time to market.

The Outcome

Today, the organization’s creative production team is delivering faster and more efficiently than ever before. Streamlining their processes to focus on a more critical deliverable (an entire email vs. an email header) has helped simplify their work. As a result, they’ve gone from barely being able to handle 20 projects in previous holiday seasons to increasing productivity by 20% making the holiday season feel much more manageable and less stressful. A gift for employees and consumers alike.

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