May 3, 2023

How to Start Prioritizing Connected Work in 2023

Technology is supposed to make a marketing team’s work easier and more manageable, but it’s really just the first step in bringing transparency and simplicity to today’s overloaded organizations.

If you can’t effectively connect your work, then efficiency suffers—and so does the customer experience, which can damage your company’s reputation and lead to lost customers and revenue. Join this webinar to learn about the possibilities of connected work and what it can do for your organization, including:

  • The impact of siloed technology on customers and employees
  • The benefits of toppling tech siloes to create connected work
  • How to create a strategy and roadmap for connected work that drives process change, aligns teams with organizational strategies, and builds a well-integrated technology stack


  • Jennifer Krempa, Head of Global Delivery, LeapPoint
  • Jason Dennis, Consultant and Former Marketing Executive at USAA
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