People & Change

Change creates opportunity. But it also presents challenges. That’s why our approach and expertise are structured to quickly and efficiently establish change from the top down. We make sure executives are championing new ideas, impacted users are aware of what’s new and different (and what that means to them), and teams are equipped with the information and training they need to hit the ground running. When things change, everyone adapts differently. We make sure your team has what they need to mitigate the challenge and harness the opportunity of change.

How We Work

  • Change Plan

    Develop a holistic transformation plan based on our nine core change components to carefully drive adoption and adaption.
  • Communication Plan

    Using our proven approach, we teach you how and what to communicate so that your message is tailored for every layer of your organization.
  • Change Champions & Power Users

    We help you build the team of internal support to help fuel your change.
  • Change Portal

    Every change needs a strong foundation. We created a change portal to facilitate communication, knowledge, and information sharing.

Core Transformation

Change always calls for a coordinated, orchestrated response. That’s where LeapPoint’s change management experts help you move forward.

We focus on nine core components of change so we can implement proven transformation practices. Our library of communication templates is designed for reuse, which means you can address change efficiently.


Let’s take the next step together.