Data Migration

Are you looking to consolidate instances or migrate from an existing platform to Adobe Workfront? Don’t get stuck paying high costs to other vendors for a custom migration. LeapPoint makes data migrations quick, easy, and consistent with our proprietary tool, DataConsolidator.

Whether you’re looking to migrate hundreds or thousands of projects, tasks and files, we can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Migrations to Fit Any Requirement

Discover how you can consolidate multiple Workfront instances or migrate from a legacy platform in less than 90 days.

Multi-Instance Workfront Consolidation

Does your organization have separate Workfront instances that are hindering cross-department collaboration and reporting? We can help you consolidate multiple instances into one, without sacrificing historical data.

Legacy Platform to Workfront Migration

Ready to make the switch to Adobe Workfront? We can help you extract data from your current system and transform it to meet your exact requirements in Adobe Workfront. We’ll also help you consider how record retention policies, requirements for protected information requirements, or data source constraints may impact your migration project.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Team Alignment

Has your company merged with or acquired another? Or perhaps you’re restructuring internally to consolidate teams, build a Center of Excellence (CEO) or drive greater efficiencies? We can help you not only take a structured approach to migrating data and systems, but also make process recommendations to make sure your structure your organization in the best way for success.

LeapPoint DataConsolidator source and target workflow

Your Solution for Seamless Data Migration

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We sit down with you to understand your requirements and identify what data needs to be migrated and from where.

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Data Mapping

We leverage our proprietary tool, DataConsolidator, to perform data mappings and run sample scenarios to ensure all data will migrate properly.

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Test & Validation

We perform two full migrations to a test environment, allowing you the ability to review and provide feedback prior to moving into production.

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Go Live

We prep your teams and perform the migration to production during non-peak hours to minimize disruptions.

Why Partner with LeapPoint?

How much time can your internal teams devote to preparing, planning, and executing a migration?

If you’re like most organizations, the answer is not much.

Data migration can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our consultants are experts are removing those barriers. We can handle any migration, regardless of size, and get you up and running with your ideal work management system in less than 90 days. We also ensure that no historical data is lost, allowing your reports to remain comprehensive and provide the insights you need to be highly effective.

Manual Migrations
Small data sets (>10k)
Large data sets (10k+)
Complex data sets (Projects, Tasks, Files, etc.)

Say goodbye to broken promises and exorbitant custom migration fees from other vendors.

Tap into the collective expertise of your peers
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