March 15, 2021

Welcome to LeapPoint: Jennifer Krempa, Director of Strategy and Business Intelligence 

LeapPoint welcomes the newest addition to the commercial team, Jennifer Krempa, Director of Strategy and Business Intelligence. Jen brings with her a track record of success in driving transformative organizational change through progressive approaches to strategic planning that aligns business’ work around shared outcomes and creates pathways to execution that deliver measurable results.

At LeapPoint her role will oversee the strategy and business intelligence lanes of the Connected Work™ platform.

“I am thrilled to be joining such a fast-paced company that is really driving innovation in the marketplace right now, and most of all, I am excited to work with our clients to help them identify what really matters to them and then execute to achieve it,” mentioned Jen. 

Before LeapPoint, Jen served as the Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Administration for Penn State’s World Campus and Outreach organizations. In that capacity, she led a four-year organizational excellence transformation to improve cross-functional work management, prioritization, and strategic alignment. She oversaw and matured the project management, PPM, and performance measurement functions.

“Connected Work is ingrained in organizational transformation and success. Having Jen join to accelerate that for our clients will be monumental for LeapPoint,” said Nicholas DeBenedetto, LeapPoint CEO. “I am personally so excited to bring her into the team and to see where our client growth and business development will lead.”


Jen is passionate about empowering organizations to clearly define success and achieve that through aligned work. She is dedicated to thoughtfully connecting big picture strategy to day-to-day operations, helping all employees see their role in contributing to their company’s vision. 

Jen attended Dartmouth College and Penn State University, where she earned her Masters of Science in Art Education

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