April 12, 2021

LeapPoint wins Consulting Partner of Year at Seismic’s 2021 Digital Shift


We have had a fantastic year partnering with the Seismic team, and this past week LeapPoint was recognized during Seismic Digital Shift as Consulting Partner of the Year. 

We are honored to be among a global field of top Seismic partners for demonstrating strong collaboration to deliver innovative solutions to our shared client base. LeapPoint is thankful for our ongoing synergy, and we congratulate the entire team who helped champion this award. 

“Becoming a finalist is already an achievement, but winning the Consulting Partner of the Year Award is an honor,” said Nicholas DeBenedetto, CEO. “We continue to guide companies in their sales enablement through a partnership with Seismic so our clients can take the leap with confidence.” 

“Seismic customers are at the forefront of their industries in building truly impactful sales enablement programs,” said Janelle Nash, Managing Director. “We constantly strive to offer unparalleled expertise and are very proud to accept the Consulting Partner of the Year Award from Seismic.”

Seismic announced the 20 Winners and Challengers of its 2021 Seismic Shift Awards from its 700+ customers and 70+ partners. For more information about how the Seismic Shift Award recipients are using Seismic to impact their organization and within the industry, please visit Seismic’s Blog.

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