May 4, 2021

LeapPoint increases Adobe strength with the addition of Gagan Soodan, Strategic Solutions Director. 

LeapPoint announced today that business consulting veteran Gagan Soodan has joined the company as the Director of Strategic Solutions. 

With deep expertise in the Adobe suite of products and services, Gagan is a technology leader focused on helping customers across industry verticals achieve their desired business outcomes. 

“Gagan’s experience and skillset with Adobe products and how they enable the Connected Work™ story will enable our clients to better leverage their investments to drive results,” says LeapPoint CEO Nicholas DeBenedetto. “Gagan will be a valuable addition to the team as we rapidly scale our business this year.”

With over a decade of professional services experience, Gagan has the opportunity to lead initiatives such as technology consulting, digital transformation, and systems integration. His domain strengths include business and sales consulting, account management, and sales enablement.

“True digital transformation is when employees change the way they think about their organization and their customers,” said Gagan. “Such an adaptation drives disruption in today’s digital world. LeapPoint is transforming businesses through innovation and change, and helping them to disrupt. This will be an exciting journey for me. ” 

Prior to LeapPoint, Gagan led technology sales for organizations such as Atypical Digital and Wipro. He graduated from the University of Waterloo, Canada, with a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Technology.

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