Bringing Business Functions Together


In a siloed workplace, it’s harder to communicate. There is no visibility into short and long term goals. It’s difficult to maintain collective focus. Budgets are harder to determine by marketers. Connected Work helps your marketing department by aligning your team with company strategies, transparently conveying marketing and ROI costs, building a well-integrated technology stack, and more. Everyone works better when they’re connected.

  • CMO
  • Operations Leadership
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Margaret is a CMO


    • Maximize MROI and efficiencies by analyzing campaign performance and investment.
    • Increase sales and brand value to optimize brand position in the market.
    • Maintain a current technology ecosystem and roadmap to maximize #1 and #2.

    Common Problems

    • Difficulty interpreting marketing dollar attribution.
    • Understanding which tools enable the most efficient workflows and performance results.
  • Mark is in Operations Leadership

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    • Deliver assets on time, on brand, on budget.
    • Effectively own strategic perspective on operational efficiencies.
    • Create a collaborative, transparent, and productive relationship with both clients and creator.

    Common Problems

    • Difficulty balancing relationships and objectives across stakeholders and creators.
    • Redundancy across systems resulting in duplicated efforts to communicate project status, needs, and updates.
  • Melody is in Marketing Leadership

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    • Construct and deploy thoughtful and engaging marketing campaigns and tactics.
    • Accurately measure and analyze investments and results.
    • Collaborate cross-functionally to activate holistic campaigns targeting customers at all points of the journey.

    Common Problems

    • Difficulty understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and spend.
    • Difficulty collaborating cross-functionally to support efficient campaign planning and asset creation.
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Solution: Connected Work

Modern marketing organizations need to be ready to pivot to constantly changing market conditions and able to demonstrate results. Those who are creating transparency, building efficient processes, and seamlessly integrating best-in-class technology to support prioritized campaigns, projects, and production work are creating efficiencies and driving more value for their organizations.

Services that support Connected Work

Our services can get your teams on the same page, resulting in a greater efficiency and productivity.