LeapPoint’s multidisciplinary team of consultants consists of former industry practitioners across vertical markets committed to delivering a human-centered approach to unlocking how people and systems come together. We focus on changing the way companies connect work, technology, and talent to solve big business challenges and drive successful outcomes.
  • Financial Services

    We work with the country’s largest investment firms, wealth advisors, banks and insurance companies to re-architect their existing technology systems in a way that transforms the lifecycle of their business across people, processes and technology.
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  • Government

    With a strong history in Federal, State, and Local Government agency support, we specialize in enabling the unique missions of those serving our citizens locally and abroad by connecting technology and mission goals.
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  • Healthcare

    LeapPoint’s multidisciplinary healthcare team will help you define your mission, set your objectives and show employees and partners at all levels how technology can directly impact the business and improve their daily experience.
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  • Retail

    LeapPoint’s Retail team brings years of experience to meet work management challenges for retail clients through a streamlined, cross-business strategy. Your industry is complex with logistics, inventory management, market conditions, and global marketing campaigns.
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