June 27, 2022

Adobe Workfront and Connected Work for Powerful Experiences

On-Demand Presentation

Organizations are trying to remain competitive, meet customer expectations, and retain talent, all while supporting digital transformation. What are the steps that you can take to jump-start your technology strategy? To be successful, you need to define success, understand work processes, gain clarity on critical business capabilities, and map the data of today and tomorrow across all touchpoints. During this session leaders from LeapPoint and Natixis explore how organizations can prepare for strategic integration and automation within and across solutions to drive business value and revenue.

Key Highlights:

  • How to move from a cost center to a revenue driver
  • Tips for designing your MarTech stack to drive personalization and business impact rather than focusing solely on rationalization
  • Creating one company-wide system of record to improve collaboration, efficiency, and employee satisfaction


  • Jeffrey Gillis AVP, Marketing Technology, Natixis Investment Managers
  • Jen Krempa Managing Director, Strategy & Business Intelligence, LeapPoint
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