June 1, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Corey Young

Meet Corey Young, a Workfront Architect here at LeapPoint. His passion lies in collaborating with the talented individuals who execute the actual work managed in Adobe Workfront. Read on to learn more about Corey’s important work, his not-so-secret love of board games, and what he loves most about being on the team at LeapPoint.

What do you do at LeapPoint?

As a Workfront Architect, I get to work directly with our clients as they establish or expand their Adobe Workfront capabilities. The first step is always a discovery session to distill the “as-is” business practices into core requirements. My favorite part of discovery is working with the creative people who will be doing the actual work being managed in Workfront. If we can simplify their work lives, then I know the solution will stick.

What do you love most about working here?

I’ve never felt so much a part of a team as I have since joining LeapPoint. Part of that comes from the dependability and professionalism of our crew, but it’s also due to the sincerity, kindness, and respect that we give and get every day. People are quick to share praise and credit for the cool things we accomplish.

What’s your favorite thing about our company culture?

I like that we hire such brilliant, colorful people. Every time I see an announcement about a new member of the team, I’m impressed by the wildly diverse backgrounds of the people we find. Though we’re regarded as a technology forward company, I recently discovered that many of our serious geeks have backgrounds in graphic design, like me.

I also appreciate that the culture establishes boundaries with respect to our actual lives. Our internal collaboration tools “go dark” in the evenings and weekends, as does the email traffic. It took me a few weeks to adjust to that, but it’s wonderful.

What keeps you motivated?

This came up recently when a manager asked about how my day was going. I said that I’m really in my sweet spot with a technical problem. I saw it as a puzzle; a genuine challenge, but one that I knew that we could solve. I get excited when I get the chance to stretch my abilities and devise novel solutions.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

I love reading, mostly non-fiction about design and how our brains work. My family and I spend a lot of time playing board games and card games. I also enjoy designing board games, and I spend a few weekends each summer attending board game conventions where I pitch game designs to publishers.

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