December 7, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Anna Damareck

Meet Anna Damareck. Anna is a whiz at Adobe Workfront and excels at turning intricate technical designs into optimal configurations that align with each client’s objectives. She finds motivation in the intelligence and dedication of her colleagues, the rewarding challenges of her work, and the value every individual brings to our team. At LeapPoint, everyone’s perspective matters, and Anna cherishes this culture of equality and respect. When she’s not making an impact at work, Anna enjoys spending quality time with her family, exploring new eateries, and engaging in fun activities with her two young kids. Please join us in celebrating Anna, a true embodiment of the LeapPoint spirit!

What do you do at LeapPoint?

I specialize in Adobe Workfront configuration and implementation. I take detailed technical designs, and then figure out how to optimally configure them to meet client objectives.

Which of our company values resonates with you the most?

Win as a Team. I’m a firm believer that together we have the power to make an impact, and I consistently see our teammates doing what is best for each other and our company by bringing our expertise and energy to every opportunity. We are all here to help our clients, but most importantly each other.

What keeps you motivated at LeapPoint?

My incredibly intelligent colleagues, the challenging and rewarding work, and the way every individual is truly valued by leadership and their peers. Each member of the team is treated equally and all perspectives matter.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending time with family, trying new restaurants, and experiencing new activities with my two young kids.

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