September 15, 2022

Planning Priorities for 2023

U.S. inflation rates are the highest they’ve been in 40 years, GDP continues to fall, and economic experts nationwide fear that a recession is underway. How is your organization—specifically, your marketing team—planning for the impending economic slowdown

When a slowdown happens, marketing budgets often become an immediate target. You need to know what’s working—and, more importantly, what isn’t. Any tools in your MarTech stack that aren’t delivering are a major liability and, likely, holding you back from achieving revenue growth or meeting campaign ROI targets. 

And while the economy is slowing down, the level of personalization and types of experiences customers are demanding is increasing. For marketing teams to achieve success in this environment, it’s imperative that their people, processes, and tools are working harmoniously across the enterprise. 

It’s easy to focus on the “fun” when planning for the quarter or year ahead—like what campaigns your team will run, what channels you’ll leverage, and what types of content will generate the most interest. However, meeting high growth goals with limited budgets requires a very intentional first step: assessment and planning.

Some questions you can ask right now to determine how you can put your best foot forward in 2023 include: 

  • Does the entire marketing organization have a clear, unified vision of success?
  • Are you able to track work in one central place—from strategy and budgeting to resourcing and execution—so that everyone remains aligned on status in real-time?
  • Are your teams happy with the way work gets done, or are disconnected systems, processes, or manual task management leading to low productivity and burnout? 
  • Are the tools in your MarTech stack truly integrated so you can gain insights across all the channels you’re using? 
  • Do you have any gaps between marketing and sales—or other parts of the organization—in processes and technology? 

We understand that’s a lot to think about. That said, we know as well as you that asking the hard questions now saves time and money later

Digital transformation should be at the core of each of your answers to the above questions. If you don’t know where to start, think about your biggest pain points as they relate to your MarTech stack. Then, ask yourself if you have an effective plan to alleviate them.

If you’ve done that, you’ve laid the mental groundwork for enterprise-wide change.

Need some help getting your organization in alignment for 2023? LeapPoint has deep experience helping enterprises strategically position themselves for success, connecting the dots between people, processes, and technology to help teams work smarter, not harder. Consider partnering with LeapPoint before the end of the year or booking an engagement for 2023 now. We offer a variety of services that can give you specific insights and answers to the questions we asked above. 

Reach out to our team today to find out how Connected Work can deliver for you now and into the future!

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