February 23, 2021

Innovation Deep Dive: Request Queue Maintenance Automation for Workfront Admins 

Are you searching for time-saving automation that allows Workfront Administrators to add Custom Forms in bulk to queue topics in existing projects? The Request Queue Maintenance automation replaces the time-consuming, mind-numbingly manual process that often just doesn’t get done, and leads to data quality issues and user frustration. With three simple inputs and one mouse-click, Fusion can do all the work for you.

Let’s look into the customer challenge

Workfront customers regularly have hundreds to thousands of projects in progress at any given time. These projects usually have a variety of request queues so that users can create issues and requests. Custom forms are typically attached to these request queues to collect custom data from users, and quite often, a business process will change, requiring a new custom form to be added.

Adding the new custom form to the request queues in the project templates is the easy part; however, this only affects new projects created in the future.

How about the thousands of existing projects and their queue topics? How is the custom form going to get onto them? Without this automation, it is a manual process: Workfront Administrators have to build a queue topic report; use fancy text mode to work out which queue topics they’re interested in updating; click on each queue topic one-by-one (no bulk edit); manually add the new custom form. Rinse and repeat around 10,000 times (10 Queue Topics x 1000 Projects), and you understand the challenge for Workfront Admins.

LeapPoint can provide you with Fusion automation, which requires only three simple inputs from the Workfront Administrator before running it:

  1. Name of the queue topic to be updated across multiple projects.
  2. The ID of the custom form to be attached to it.
  3. The position in the list of existing custom forms for the new form to be placed.

Optionally we can also allow the user to input the projects’ status they’re interested in updating (default is ‘In Progress’).

Finally, click the ‘Run Once’ button in Fusion and watch it add the custom form to thousands of request queues in minutes! As a bonus, this Fusion ‘scenario’ is run on-demand; it does not need to be switched on and does not count towards your Fusion Scenario License Limit.

Here’s what a client had to say recently about their experience using the Request Queue Maintenance automation:

“I absolutely love working with David Cornwell. He is always eager and interested in helping us solve problems and design new workflows for us in Fusion 2. Recently I asked him for some support on designing a flow to insert in a new custom form into existing queue topics, in an exact location, in all of our existing active projects. He created a simple, “On Demand” flow, that I can easily update the parameters in and run as needed – right now to meet my current need – and it will be available for any time I need it in the future. This flow saved me 50+ hours of work and it was so easy to use.”

Sherri Nuzum, VP Strategic Initiatives | Pivot Interiors

The Request Queue Maintenance automation is one example of relatively simple automation delivered cost-effectively by LeapPoint, delivering a solid ROI.

Take a peek at our recorded demo to see this Fusion automation in practice.

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