November 2, 2022

Igniting Enterprise Growth through Sales Enablement and Alignment

5 Key Takeaways from Seismic Shift 2022

Last week, the LeapPoint team had the opportunity to connect with sales and marketing professionals from across the globe during Seismic Shift. From the inspirational keynotes to the 1:1 conversations, we walked away feeling empowered and ready to help ignite better collaboration in 2023 and beyond.

Here are our top 5 takeaways from the event:

  1. Selling has forever changed and is becoming increasingly complex. 40% of sellers say that they’ve closed deals worth $500,000 or more without ever shaking hands with the prospect. Typical sales engagements also now feature more than 30 discussion points, 11 personas, 17 engagement touch points, and buyers that are 60-80% way through their journey before ever engaging with a seller.
  2. As a result, enablement is more important than ever. 82% of B2B buyers think sellers are unprepared—and the price of getting it wrong is high. When sellers miss their number, they leave. That means organizations must rehire and retrain new sellers that, on average, take up to 10 months to ramp up. If those sellers miss their number too, it’s a double whammy.
  3. Selling outcomes is hard, but it’s required in today’s hyper competitive environment. It requires sellers to have a deep understanding of what their buyers care about and be able to serve up content that speaks directly to their needs. Enablement, training, and close alignment with marketing and the content that is being generated is imperative to win.
  4. Delivering a great customer experience is important. But employees are the frontline of your brand promise and need to have good experiences, too. If sellers and marketers are having a hard time getting their jobs done, they won’t have energy to put into more strategic initiatives. Buyers are 3x more likely to buy when a seller’s content removed friction in the buying process. That friction needs to also be removed for employees.
  5. From Guided Assembly to Enablement Planner and Knowledge, Seismic is making major investments in innovation.

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