July 18, 2022

Connected Work® Within the Adobe Ecosystem in Action

Call to mind your organization’s biggest pain points.

Thanks to the rapid proliferation of SaaS, marketing teams across organizations are paying for as many as 120 different marketing tools but only utilizing 58% of their capabilities. These disconnected marketing systems can lead to tremendous pains, such as:

Do these sound all too familiar? 

Enter: Connected Work®

Now picture an interconnected workplace marked by high production volumes, teamwork, optimized resources and innovative projects. Connected Work in conjunction with Adobe solutions creates a company-wide system of record that improves collaboration, efficiency and employee satisfaction. Based on your strategy and business goals, you can see the impact of every marketing campaign and every dollar spent.

With an overarching goal of streamlining the chaos that often exists within large organizations, Connected Work enables marketing teams to move from a cost center to a revenue driver. It also supports the design of a MarTech stack that drives personalization and business impact, rather than focusing on rationalization alone. This frees up teams to focus on higher-value activities to meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

Adobe at the Center

To see Connected Work in action, look no further than the Adobe ecosystem. No matter what industry you’re in—healthcare, advertising, retail, financial services, etc.—here are just a few examples of what Connected Work can do. 

Workfront Request to Project Conversion:

Connected Work can help automate the process of task creation and deletion saving time and resources.

Integrated Campaign Development:

Connected Work integrates elements of a campaign to ensure that deliverables are as unified as possible from the get-go.

Resource Management Automation with Fusion:

Connected Work paves the way for enhanced resource management data in Workfront as Fusion coordinates job role assignments.

Three Steps to Connected Work

While Connected Work will take some investment now, it will pay dividends in the future driving real competitive advantage in ways organizations may not initially realize.

LeapPoint’s ability to align your systems and provide critical visibility so you can achieve your goals doesn’t end here. Connected Work spans a wide variety of industries and technologies. Request a meeting with of our industry experts today to learn more.

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