June 8, 2020

Accelerating marketing and sales in a new remote work environment

With nearly half of our clients running an enterprise in-house marketing agency, we get to work with a lot of strategic marketing leaders. While no martech stack or processes look identical, I often hear these three questions: 

  • How can we accelerate marketing and sales?
  • How can we see what content is working best? 
  • What’s the best way to prove marketing value to sales?


In this three-part blog series, I’ll address each one of these topics. 

How can we accelerate marketing and sales in a new remote work environment? 

In these Covid-19 times, my clients are seeing even more pressure to accelerate marketing content production while strongly contributing to sales. Finding ways to leverage strategic technology is often the answer. Many of our clients are relying on Seismic, an industry-leading marketing and sales enablement platform, because of these key enabling factors: 

  1. One place for approved, curated content
  2. Recommended content based on audience and popularity
  3. Ability to quickly and easily personalize with variable content
  4. Content tied to CRM shows marketing influence on sales
  5. Metrics on content shows what is being used, what works and what no one ever used, enabling companies to reallocate or reduce marketing spend


Financial Services Use Case: 

One large financial services company is enabling their sales team to request digital sales materials, personalize them, and then send using Seismic to track engagement. By leveraging Seismic, the sales team can view content activity across sales stages and how it is impacting deals. It provides visibility into how this content in each deal stage performs by creator, user, documents, group, and even close date. 

What is the benefit of this process? 

  • Both sellers and marketers can see what content is performing best throughout different phases of a sales cycle and then adjust and swap content accordingly. 
  • Delivering the right message at the right time is critical within the sales process to create buyer confidence and to drive relevant conversations. 
  • Being able to access a platform that recommends content automatically based on audience helps drive a smoother sales cycle and keeps buyers engaged the entire time. 


Even better – sellers can use this content confidently knowing that it is pre-approved with the latest marketing messaging. They never have to skip a beat or waste their time finding the appropriate content for their sales opportunities ever again. 

In our next blog – we’ll bring to light how to tell what content is working best and where to find it.  

To learn more about how to leverage the LeapPoint & Seismic partnership, click here.
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