July 26, 2021

A Defining Moment for LeapPoint Customers, Employees and Partners

Every company has a defining, pivotal moment that drives the business forward and creates new and exciting opportunities for employees and customers. LeapPoint just experienced that moment; and we are pumped!

I am excited to share that LeapPoint was acquired by Renovus Capital Partners to help scale our Connected Work™ digital solutions even faster to a larger set of enterprise clients across finance, healthcare and retail markets.

For our employees, this means they can stretch their expertise and ideas even farther to solve critical business challenges. For our clients, this means LeapPoint can deliver even more of the Connected Work powerful experiences they’ve come to expect.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Connected Work for a long time. As LeapPoint’s brilliant team of developers, integrators and strategists continued to solve previously unsolvable problems with Connected Work, we could see how our different approach to Strategy, Business Process, Implementation, Integration, Analytics and most importantly, people and change – transformed businesses in ways other consulting firms could not. We knew we were onto something big.

(Download our Connected Work eBook  for a great overview of how Connected Work  improves performance across people, process, products and profits at leading companies.)

As both an Adobe Gold partner and Workfront partner of the year, we specialize in the technologies companies use most to handle core business functions. This puts us right in the thick of all of the good, complicated, juicy stuff that can really drive huge,  immediate change for companies not just in one area, but all areas of the business. That’s our sweet spot.

Today’s acquisition gives us the ability to do even more.

When we started LeapPoint 15 years ago, we were a group of Big 4 alumni who wanted more flexibility and agility in meeting clients’ most critical business needs. We wanted to make life and experiences fundamentally better for employees, customers and those they serve.

We did not want to be the kind of firm that swoops in and swoops out with cookie-cutter solutions that don’t get the job done. Instead, we listen, collaborate, conceptualize, integrate and revise for the duration of our projects to make sure the technology is working for our clients rather than the other way around. We think strategically and execute tactically to connect systems, teams, people and processes.

We did not want to build a team of academic, career consultants. Instead, we gathered top practitioners and operators across vertical markets who had a deep understanding of the technology roadblocks that keep employees and businesses from succeeding. We don’t just implement solutions, we solve business challenges. Today’s acquisition is a testament to every LeapPoint employee’s hard work, vision and dedication to excellence, past and present.

Moving forward, LeapPoint will do even more for our employees. We will double down on our people-first mindset and make sure all employees are doing the work they love in a way that aligns with their professional and personal needs and aspirations. If you are interested in joining the LeapPoint team, please say hello here.

And we will do even more for our customers to help them also put their employees first. We believe that when employees have the right tools to do what they love, good things happen.

To our partners, thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring your cutting-edge technologies to the most challenging and complex of environments so it can do its thing. We look forward to innovating with you even more in the months and years ahead.

To our customers, thank you for choosing LeapPoint as your trusted partner again and again. Thank you for referring us to other companies who need Connected Work because you believe, like we do, that a rising tide lifts all ships.

To Renovus Capital Partners, thank you for sharing our vision and providing the rocket fuel that will take Connected Work to new heights.

Lastly, I should mention that the executive leadership team at LeapPoint will remain unchanged and I will remain as CEO and assume a seat on the Board of Directors. I couldn’t ask for a better team to lead.

Amidst all of the hardship and loss many of us have experienced throughout the pandemic, we look to the future with optimism that in our own way, Connected Work can bring the technology transformations that help people recover, advance and thrive. We look forward to working with you to make that hope a reality.


Nicholas DeBenedetto, CEO of LeapPoint

LeapPoint CEO Nicholas DeBenedetto







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