April 6, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Stacy Austin

For Stacy Austin, the introduction to Adobe Workfront transformed her entire career. In our latest Employee Spotlight, Stacy shares more about what inspires her and what she loves most about working as a Configuration Consultant at LeapPoint.

What do you do at LeapPoint?

As a Configuration Consultant, I support new and existing Workfront implementations and have a specialty in Resource Management.

Prior to joining LeapPoint, I was a graphic designer. The hardest part of that job was getting the details I needed: project priorities, statuses, due dates, etc. When I was introduced to Adobe Workfront, I saw the value instantly and how much it would benefit marketing teams. It changed my career—and the more I learned, the more I wanted to be a part of increasing efficiency and problem-solving for a better workflow experience.

What do you love most about working here?

I feel so fortunate to be working among such kind, smart, talented people who collaborate and support each other. The opportunity to learn new things in Workfront as well as other Adobe products is exciting. I want to be part of a company where I am not only doing my job, but also adding value in other areas. I feel that I can do that at LeapPoint. I am excited for the future and where this journey will lead.

What is your favorite thing about our company culture?

Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one. From putting people first, going above and beyond, being honest and transparent, winning as a team, and evolving and growing—it all aligns with what I feel has been my work ethic throughout my career. I am so fortunate to be working at a company that not only leads with these values but truly embodies them.

Who inspires you the most within our organization?

As soon as I started my final interview with Beth Anne Wilhelm, I knew LeapPoint was where I wanted to be. She was our LeapPoint consultant at a company I previously worked for, and I experienced first-hand her knowledge and understanding. She provided a solution that not only improved the data and efficiency in how we worked, but it ultimately led me to change my career. I remember leaving that meeting thinking I wanted to be like Beth Anne when I grew up. I had luck on my side again when I came to LeapPoint and my first engagement was working alongisde her. I was impressed that not only did she take on a “newbie,” but she never made me feel like one. Getting to work with her has been an amazing experience. I know that I will continue to learn and grow because I have the desire and passion to, however with such a great role model as she is, I can see the path ahead of me.

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