March 21, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Courtney Bonser

Meet Courtney Bonser, a Senior Program Manager here at LeapPoint. In her role, Courtney serves as a maestro, orchestrating client engagements to ensure seamless collaboration, impeccable execution, and results that not just meet but exceed expectations. Courtney truly embodies our value of ‘Win as A Team,’ thriving on knowledge sharing and celebrating each other’s successes (no matter how big or small).

Where does she get her motivation? From tackling challenges head-on, innovating, and knowing that her efforts help our clients overcome some of their biggest hurdles to operational success.

How would you describe what you do?

In my role, I oversee and enhance client relationships with a primary focus on engagement and execution. Collaborating closely with our delivery team, I ensure that we meet the specified engagement scope and foster collaboration for success, ultimately providing timely and high-quality results for our clients.

What do you like about the culture here at LeapPoint?

I really appreciate the collaborative culture at LeapPoint – the open lines of communication and leaders who are easy to approach create a great atmosphere that encourages us to share our ideas. Plus, the focus on continuous learning and development shows a strong commitment to the growth of us as individuals and the company.

Which one of our company values resonates with you the most?

Win as A Team – I value that knowledge and expertise are openly embraced. At LeapPoint, a positive and motivating environment prevails, making the celebration of shared victories second nature. We genuinely feel excitement for each other’s accomplishments and successes, and knowing anything is possible when we work together.

What keeps you motivated?

I find motivation when presented with challenges and encouraged to explore new ideas and take risks. The knowledge that I can assist our clients in overcoming obstacles and enhancing their work processes drives me to continuously push boundaries.

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