October 12, 2022

Retailers, Choose Connected Work in Q4

For retailers, Q4 is a reliably busy—some might prefer to call it hectic—season. Historically, the final three months of the year have driven consumers directly into the doors of their favorite shops. In the wake of a global pandemic, the customer experience has evolved: first to e-commerce, and now to a new normal—one that we’ve aptly nicknamed “experience commerce”. 

The Recovery of Retail

Since March of 2020, retailers have scrambled to recover. Navigating that recovery looked different for every enterprise, and some undoubtedly performed better than others. Regardless, the lynchpin to success (or lack thereof) every time has been speed.

What does that mean? Put simply, to successfully create and maintain “experience commerce” (i.e., the new standard for retailers), you need to be fast. Your MarTech stack can give you that speed—but it’s only as strong as its users are capable. Thus, the conversation doesn’t surround what retailers must do to succeed, but instead, how retailers can quickly turn their insights into actions.

Maximizing the Retail MarTech Stack

Taking maximum advantage of your MarTech stack is always important, but we’d argue that it’s even more important during Q4. Why? For many retailers, total revenue brought in during Q4 matches, if not outperforms, total revenue for the nine months prior. You don’t need LeapPoint to tell you how impactful that is—so we’ll move on to what we’re best at. 

If your MarTech stack isn’t delivering a connected experience, you can’t make the most of this high-impact season. Launching a campaign under a tight timeline? You need strategy and roadmapping across people, processes and technologies. Creating multichannel content? You need a cloud-native, automated system. Personalizing your infrastructure? You need an integrated stack that toggles between tools. 

You get the idea. Without connection, even the very best tools go awry. 

The Power of Connected Work

We’ve worked with numerous Fortune 100 retailers who’ve cited results including increased productivity, greater visibility, streamlined processes and more. Read through this case study as an example—in short, we partnered with a major retailer to develop a multi-year plan to integrate and expand Adobe Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager to create, manage and deliver content across the entire digital experience lifecycle, and their productivity increased by 20% as a result. If you want to discover the power Connected Work can have for your company, LeapPoint can help. Let Connected Work work for you. 

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