Technology integration can feel like a constant process. With hundreds or even thousands of applications going at once, both on-premise and cloud-based, there is an intense need for connection. Workato provides the platforms for your business to communicate and connect everything from HR to sales to security. LeapPoint brings it all together with a single enterprise to integrate and automate anything, all with built-in security, control, and governance.


  • Marketing Lifecycle Management
  • On-Premise Agent
  • Workbots for Slack & MS Teams


Tap into the power of automation with Workato products, so that your employees have the access, control, and resources they need to get more done, together.

On-Premise Agent

Enterprises need an iPaaS platform to connect to on-premise applications and databases that are deployed within their corporate data centers. An On-Premise Agent enables Workato to connect to your app's protected firewalls and harness the power of automation.

Workbots for Slack & Teams

Messaging platforms are at the forefront of enabling collaboration in enterprises. Workbots enable employees to access & control their most frequently used business apps directly from Slack & MS Teams, in order to monitor & interact with your data in the context of collaboration.

Key LeapPoint Messages

  • Integration demand

    It is harder than ever for IT leaders to keep up with the demand to integrate technologies:

    Marketing & IT have seen an explosion of applications over the past decade.

    Companies have invested in best-of-breed applications, leading to hundreds and in some cases thousands of applications being used across their entire company.

    The ability to integrate with on-premise applications is just as important to Digital Transformation effort as connecting to cloud-based technologies.
  • Connected Work Ecosystems

    Connected Work ecosystems require a single enterprise platform to integrate and automate anything that can be used by both Business and IT.

    Automation, iPaaS, Bot Approval and Workflows.

    Ability to connect the enterprise - HR, Sales, Customer Success, IT, Security Operations, Marketing, Finance.

    Easy to Implement, but easy to scale.

    Always on functionality, with built in security, control and governance.
  • Message-based systems

    Message-based systems like Slack & MS Teams are changing how we get work done in a remote-first, work-from-home environment.

    The ability to be able to interact & have a conversation with your systems of record using Natural Language Processing will become more widespread over the next few years.


Workato has brought automation into everyday business, making an impact that has been felt industry-wide. Learn more about what Workato has accomplished for companies in the digital age.


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