LeapPoint and Seismic established our partnership because we share a common goal. Drive alignment between sales and marketing teams while enabling powerful buyer experiences. With 97% of organizations reporting gaps between sales and marketing in process, technology integration, and customer engagement approaches it is critical we align our teams so they can unify the customer journey to create a better buyer experience with increased confidence.

LeapPoint’s Connected Work™ framework considers how Seismic fits into your existing tech stack, provides implementation, configuration and integration services that deliver more effective marketing initiatives, improved sales productivity, and a measurable return on your investment in technology.

Companies that align sales and marketing teams achieve 24% faster growth rates and 27% faster profit growth. Generate 32% higher revenue. Retain 36% more customers. Achieve 38% higher win rates. These are the kind of results that drive business forward.

Connecting Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Seismic

In partnership with both Seismic and Adobe we developed the standard connector between Seismic and Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Align sales and marketing by delivering content that converts during the buyer journey.

  • Bridge the marketing-to-sales content gap
  • Automate distribution of marketing-approved assets to sales teams
  • Boost sellers’ confidence with up-to-date, trustworthy sales assets
  • Measure content performance to optimize sales impact

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  • Crossing the divide between Sales and Marketing

    • 97% of organizations indicate their sales and marketing teams don't engage customers in the same way, approach pipeline growth in the same way and certainly can't rely on each other's software.
    • There is a shift, RevOps as a function continues to gain steam and deliver returns for organizations embracing an integrated approach to sales and marketing operating models. Those embracing digital transformations that focus on breaking down barriers between systems, processes and departments are outpacing the competition...and the rest are trying to play catch up.

    • Thousands of organizations are using a combination of Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Seismic, but are faced with a manual process to get the right assets in the hands of Sales. Our content orchestration approach includes the standard Seismic connector for AEM Assets, built by LeapPoint, to enable your sales organization with the latest, approved and trusted marketing content in real-time.
    • Through Seismic, sales teams have access to the best content and marketing teams gain visibility into what content is being used, how it drives engagement, and what content is associated with your wins.

    • Seismic is your sales enablement platform that empowers sales with the tools needed to close more deals. Marketing collaborates, automates, manages, and distributes content from one place. Sales Enablement and Operations delivers those materials, training, and analytics to the right teams. Sales and Channel teams have access to a library of content that feels like it was personalized just for them and for the deal they’re working on right now.


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