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Adobe is a vast business toolkit, exclusive in its innovations and comprehensive in its offerings. Its programs allow creativity to flourish, data to be analyzed, and campaigns to be delivered. These elements are the core of any business, and through Adobe and LeapPoint together, they can be seamlessly integrated for a dynamic customer experience. We connect the data, the channels, and–most importantly–the people who are making your business better.

As a bronze Adobe partner and repeat Workfront partner of the year, we are excited at the possibilities that Adobe’s acquistion of Workfront will bring to our mutual clients. LeapPoint delivers across enterprises with focused offerings in Marketing and IT. Interested in understanding how the Adobe suite can work for your organization? Let’s talk.


  • Workfront + Adobe Connector
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Experience manager
  • Adobe Analytics


Adobe’s suite of versatile, industry-leading resources can tell your story, crunch your numbers, or build your end-to-end solutions. Explore how Adobe can upgrade your latest project.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe is reimagining Customer Experience Management (CXM) with Adobe Experience Cloud, the industry's only end-to-end solution for experience creation, marketing, advertising, analytics and commerce.

Adobe Creative Cloud

We believe everybody has a story to tell. Adobe Creative Cloud unleashes creativity so anyone—from the most demanding professional to students just starting out—can make whatever they want, wherever they want.

Workfront's Role In the Adobe Suite

From work management to technology integration to strategy alignment, Workfront has a versatile collection of resources to make your business seamlessly adapt.


Workfront is a modern work management application allowing organizations to work better, smarter, faster. Workfront focuses on real-time visibility into your organization’s work and delivers a tool that allows collaboration and effective communication. Managing Digital Workflows, including Reviews & Approvals, enables companies to go to market faster and more efficiently. By automating your work processes, teams can ensure regulatory, brand, legal, and corporate compliance within a single solution.

Workfront Fusion

Workfront Fusion is a codeless and powerful integration platform that allows customers to easily connect Workfront to virtually any business application in their technology stack. Boost productivity by eliminating manual ways of synchronizing data between systems while increasing efficiencies by eliminating the need to have a full-time staff of developers to build and maintain integrations.

Align & Scenario Planner

Connect strategy to work and deliver measurable outcomes. With Workfront Align, you can align strategy, goals, and work to drive execution across the organization and deliver measurable business outcomes. Define what you’re going to accomplish and why it’s important. With Workfront Scenario Planner, teams can create and compare multiple what-if scenarios and choose the best path forward. When your priorities change, iteratively replan without impacting in-progress work.


  • Form a Digital Backbone

    Employers must make it easier for their teams to not only carry out their daily tasks, but collaborate with other members of the organization—wherever they are. Enterprises need a digital backbone that connects individual tools into an orchestrated whole, supports dynamic work processes, and captures information that supports visibility and context.

    Experiences are how companies will compete, differentiate, and grow. To be an experience-driven business, it requires three things:

    Connection of data Multiple sources must be combined and connected to transform data into a clear view of each and every customer.

    Connection of channels Channels must be seamlessly connected so consumers don't see hand-offs between the departments and functions supporting them.

    Emotional connection Traditionally relationship-oriented businesses (e.g. Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Service/Government) have historically been built through face-to-face interactions that now must be replicated in digital channels like mobile devices.
  • Get Your Business Aligned

    Message-based applications and video conferencing systems can’t bear the brunt of the new way of working alone. An enterprise work management system can provide a centralized platform across the company, and align strategy, goals, and work to drive collective execution and deliver measurable business outcomes.

    Connect marketing, creative, and campaign work to optimize visibility and performance.

    Overcome the traditional struggle to plan resources, manage tasks, ensure smooth transitions, publish content, and measure effectiveness to understand how campaigns meet KPIs.

    Workfront + Adobe enhances your AEM Assets Deployment.



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