Today’s buyers expect personalization with every interaction of your brand. To meet that demand, marketing teams need a strong foundation in work management and access to a leading-edge, integrated toolset that delivers content, engagement, and insights at scale.

As an Adobe Gold Solution Partner, LeapPoint is dedicated to helping marketing teams along their journey of digital maturity. We offer expertise in implementation, integration, and optimization of Adobe’s best-in-class digital transformation solutions across the enterprise.

Our goal: Connect your people, processes, and technology so you can meet the growing demands of today.



    If your teams are using spreadsheets, presentations, or basic project management tools to strategize, plan, and execute marketing activities, you’re not alone. That used to be enough. But the pace of today’s business, coupled with the need for hyper personalization and enhanced customer experiences, requires marketing teams to be agile. It’s time to work differently.

    With Adobe Workfront as the foundation for how you orchestrate work and collaborate, you can make big progress in no time. With more than 150,000 hours of implementation expertise, LeapPoint is the strategic partner to get you there.
    • - Strategize, plan, and execute as one team
    • - Leverage project templates and resource scheduling capabilities to identify priorities, assemble a team, and assign work
    • - Gain workflow efficiencies by automating processes tailored to your needs
    • - Integrate Workfront with the rest of your MarTech stack to streamline execution and gain holistic visibility

    Delivering a personalized experience to a handful of potential customers without automation is easy. Now try doing that for thousands (or millions) of customers with different wants and needs each and every day. Infinitely harder, right?

    As the leading end-to-end customer experience management solution, Adobe Marketo Engage helps marketing teams supercharge engagement across email, advertising, events, commerce, and more. With Marketo Engage:
    • - Personalized emails can automatically be delivered at scale
    • - Targeted messaging can be triggered based on customer preferences and behavior
    • - Customers can be nurtured throughout every step of their journey
    Whether you are transitioning from a legacy platform to Marketo Engage, or are looking for ways to optimize your existing Marketo instance or better connect it with your tech stack, our Marketo experts are here to help.

    Picture this: You’re executing a marketing campaign that needs creative assets. With a few simple steps, you assign the tasks to your creative and content teams. The assets are created, proofed, approved, and seamlessly uploaded into your project. The approved assets can be directly pushed into a cloud-native DAM as a source of truth where they can be leveraged and maintained with comprehensive metadata built in.

    Sound too good to be true? It’s not. LeapPoint can streamline the way you facilitate asset creation and delivery with award-winning Adobe solutions.

    CMOs need answers on program performance. Marketers need data to build personalization into their campaigns. But all too often, marketing teams struggle to cobble together piecemeal reports across channels to paint a (somewhat) accurate picture. There’s an easier way.

    With integrated solutions from Adobe you can:
    • - Capture comprehensive performance statistics including timelines, cost, and productivity of marketing efforts
    • - Analyze your customer’s behavior across the entire journey
    • - Direct future marketing spend by proving ROI through customer attribution, anomaly detection, and cohort analysis
    LeapPoint understands these struggles first hand. Our team of experts will help you get set up with the insights you need to succeed.

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