November 11, 2020


As a company, LeapPoint has always been about using technology to move forward and how connection can make every system stronger. And now, it’s about a slick new website that conveys all of that and more. So you’ll have to forgive us if we seem a little eager to show it off.

We’re in the business of getting technical, but we needed a website that clearly explained what it is we do and how we accomplish it. There’s never been a more detailed visual breakdown of how our Connected Work program can optimize your business, and you can browse which of our products and services might be the best option for you.

We’ve partnered with Fifteen4, a design-led studio of creative professionals, to build a new online experience that tells our story and shows how we can help your business take its next step. Through Fifteen4’s vibrant design, seamless animation, and a new video that effectively restates our company-wide mission, we’re ready to help anyone take the leap.

“We were thrilled to partner with such a creative, forward-thinking agency. Fifteen4 understood our business quickly, gave us their best design work and delivered a new brand identity that we love,” said Janelle Nash, Sales and Marketing leader at LeapPoint. “This is just the beginning; we have a lot planned for next year and beyond.”

We believe every business should always be moving forward—including us. By connecting with Fifteen4,
we were able to build a site that conveys our vision and personality.

Check it out here and learn how we can help you take a leap of your own.