January 5, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Kali Colwell

From nerding out over Adobe Workfront to pumping each other up during team meetings, Kali Colwell finds inspiration in the day-to-day action at LeapPoint. Learn more about her invaluable contributions below!

What do you do at LeapPoint?

As a Workfront Configuration Consultant, I lead/support new/existing, manage/administer and/or consult/provide training for Workfront instances. Was that tough to read?! Basically, I am a system matter expert in (and for all things related to) Workfront. As such, it’s my job to get client instances up and running and keep them maintained. I also consult on all the great proven practices of managing work in Workfront.

What is your favorite thing about working at LeapPoint?

Honestly, all the different exposure to Workfront. I fell in love with the application prior to joining LeapPoint, but getting the opportunity to contribute to Workfront “in action” and across a variety of industries is really rewarding. The application is incredibly versatile in general, and getting to see it leveraged in so many ways speaks to the nerd in my soul!

Who inspires you most within our organization?

I am insanely jealous of two strong, methodical, and well-spoken women leaders at LeapPoint: Jen Krempa and Megan Shipley. While they each contribute to different sides of the business, they both excel at taking something, simplifying it, and then packaging it for an audience with meaningful intent to drive understanding. I have notebooks full of tips, tricks, and pointers that I’ve written down when hearing them present.

What keeps you motivated?

My smart-as-heck colleagues! It is so refreshing to work amongst technical-minded people who get pumped up about application functionality like I do. In our team meetings, there’s always something we can get excited about together!

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