December 14, 2022

Employee Spotlight: James Chase

Helping clients overcome their challenges and eliminate roadblocks is one of the most rewarding parts of our business. James Chase, one of our Adobe Workfront architects, agrees! Learn more about his important work (on and off the clock) below.

What do you do at LeapPoint?

I’m an Adobe Workfront Architect. I work with clients from the initial phase of defining their current processes all the way through development of their end-goal design. It’s an incredibly rewarding role because I get to understand the unique challenges and roadblocks clients face, and then help them overcome them with optimized, tailored solutions.

What do you love most about working here?

LeapPoint is a high performing environment that is equally as supportive. My first week I was encouraged to begin a new certification, and with support from my team, I accomplished the goal in a short time frame. This organization truly practices what they preach, and the momentum is contagious!

What stands out to you about our company culture?

It’s genuine. Getting involved is more than an idea; it’s a mindset that is woven throughout every process of the organization. I operate at my best when I am curious and energized to expand. The culture at LeapPoint encourages individuals to do just that and support others who are seeking to do the same!

How do you rest and recharge outside of work?

Outside of work you can definitely find me away from screens! I like to build motorcycles (a Harley 48), train K9s, and hike (if you’re in the SoCal region, ask for my list on All Trails!).

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