November 29, 2022

Employee Spotlight: David Cornwell

Why can you trust LeapPoint as a strategic partner? For starters, every member of our team is genuinely passionate about the work they do! Look at Senior Integrations Architect David Cornwell as an example. Learn more below about what David does at LeapPoint, and why he loves it so much.

What do you do at LeapPoint?

I design, build, and support integrations and automations using iPaaS platforms such as Adobe Workfront Fusion and Workato. Since LeapPoint is an Adobe Gold Solutions Partner, most of my work is focused around connecting Workfront with a variety of other SaaS applications to help organizations work smarter, not harder. I love deriving actions from data, so I also build and support Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using Power BI. When I’m not working directly with a client, you can find me supporting special internal projects, contributing to the company’s business strategy, and learning from my amazing colleagues.

What do you love most about working here?

The entire management team. It’s why I came to LeapPoint and also why I stay. They are humble, intelligent, genuine, and they listen openly and act with integrity and courtesy. The people-first approach to decision making at the executive level has such a positive downstream effect on the culture for all employees. It leads to a positive and inspiring environment where I can continually challenge myself and know that I have the backing of my colleagues and management.

Who inspires you at LeapPoint?

Beth Anne Wilhelm, our Chief Architect. She is wickedly smart (with a memory to match), down-to-earth, incredibly hard-working, and is always open to helping others. Beth Anne is pretty much Yoda when it comes to Workfront, and she thoroughly knows the ins-and-outs of integrations and development. Fun fact: Her Slack avatar is in fact Yoda with long curly hair.

What keeps you motivated?

I’m technically curious and always keen to learn new technologies and techniques. I’m passionate about designing and building solutions that are efficient, secure, and highly functional for our clients. Don’t tell my leadership team, but a lot of the work I do is actually quite engrossing and fun! It’s incredibly satisfying to work my way through challenges and to deliver a quality solution that I’m proud of to my clients.

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